Tattoo Aftercare

The aftercare of your Tattoo is very important. There are wide varieties on tattoo aftercare with in the tattoo industry. The aftercare I advise is based on my own experience over the last 18 years. So please do not listen to any of your friends on this subject. The tattoo aftercare is your responsibility once you have left the studio. Once the tattoo has been completed it will be dressed accordingly with a plastic dressing.

  1. Remove the dressing after a minimum of 2 hours of leaving the tattoo studio.
  2. The tattoo will be slightly damp with blood and mucus. Gently wash the tattoo with a mild soap and water.
  3. Pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel or kitchen towel and NOT tissue.
  4. Apply a small amount of after-Inked or tattoo goo on the tattoo twice a day. These products have been designed for the aftercare of tattoos and are recommended, we also sell this. The only non-tattoo ointment which I would recommend is bepanthen but this is expensive and messy. Please DO NOT use Vaseline, Sudocream, germoline, savlon or any other antiseptic cream or moisturiser.
  5. The tattoo will form a fine scab. Do not pick or scratch this as this will cause a loss of pigment. Allow this to fall off naturally.
  6. Do not wear any tight clothing on the tattoo. This will irritate the tattoo.
  7. Avoid any dirt, grease or any other substances which are dirty. This will cause an infection!
  8. Do not go swimming, do not use steam rooms or saunas and do not sunbathe (this includes sunbeds)
  9. Once the Tattoo has healed, please come back to the studio and show us your tattoo