Sacred Ink™ was established in 2006 on Acre lane in Brixton South London and is credited for being Brixton’s first high street tattoo studio. Sacred Ink™ traded In Brixton successfully until it was time to move. After that, Sacred Ink™ set up in Herne hill and was also Herne Hill's first high street tattoo studio, however disaster struck and Sacred Ink™ had to leave. The company Sacred Ink Limited is still HQ'd in Brixton with operations now in Folkestone Kent. Most of the tattooing is carried out by the owner of the Business Martin Morrissey.

Martin’s Background

Martin has been tattooing since the age of 17. He started tattooing like the majority of tattoo artists and winging it until he was taken on by another tattoo artist who had seen the potential in him.The 2 main influences who had helped me to get started were Andy Dixon of skin flash in Kensington market and Inky Steve of Streatham Skinworks. After being taught a few valuable trade secrets and being able to build up a portfolio Martin then set about on his ambition to travel.Tattooing enabled him to tattoo whilst traveling as it’s a flexible craft.This led to a 4 year journey around the world. In 2005 he got bored with hanging out on tropical beaches in the far east and central America and tattooing wherever he wanted to and decided to come back to London, get back into rat race of London life and open a tattoo studio. Sacred Ink™ was born.

Martin's style

I get asked about what my style of work is a lot. My only answer to this is that I’m an all rounder.I take on all styles of work as I enjoy what I do. From the small tattoo on a first timer to the serious tattoo collector who is having large scale work, I’ll do the tattoo in my quality all round style with a no nonsense approach.